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Hiking Day with Family

Mom and Caro

So during the visit of my mom and my "little" brother we did some more hiking. (At this point there is no denying we like to go hiking). The first day was in a swampland near Oulu and it was a nice trip through the autumn colored forest. The only thing were we had some bad luck was the barbecuing because the wilderness hut we chose hat no wood left. Any way here are some pictures from the trip.

Wilderniss Hut These are acually quite similar to the ones we have in Germany


The Path This is how you comfortably hike through the swamp.


For the next trip we travelled to a national park "near" by: Syöte. In other words we travelled to winter land. Where we also finally hat the chance to grill some makkara. By the way, in my memories from holidays we had quite a bad memory of the sausages here (makkara), but the ones we had tried during the visit of my family were quite good although a little bit exotic. The most normal ones were some chorizos made here in Finland. Next up: some more typical short "sauna sausages" filled with chili cheese, which we ate during the hiking trip. We were hungry so maybe our taste was a bit of from normal, but we all liked them. The last ones were Frankfurter filled with blue cheese! The blue cheese was very mild and overall it was a good sausage (even my mother said so!). Another thing you would not imagine is, how many different sausages for barbecuing you can find here… Anyway here are some images from our snowy hike.

Little Brother

The Hobbits

Syöte I

Syöte II

Syöte III

Syöte IV

Syöte V

It is also worth to note that we were never the only ones hiking nor barbecuing.

Hiking Day

Today was another hiking day, well not the whole day but some bautiful hours in the sun. We even managed to pick some lingonberries.

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