Some Words About Physics, Python And The World In General



my name is Florian Kühnlenz (@tharwan on Twitter). I study technical physics at TU Ilmenau. I wrote a bachelor thesis about the dynamics of a gas bubble in a liquid - which involved a lot of image processing in Python and theoretical fluid dynamic.

At the moment I try to write a master thesis about the physics of smart grids. Meanwhile I work at Brückner & Jarosch and I am the admin and webmaster of

So what is this blog for? Working in theoretical physics involves a lot of programming and often I hit some problems about which I can‘t find any solutions in the internet. I thought: let‘s do it from scratch: I rented a VPS form hetzner, booted into FreeBSD and installed ngnix. The Blog itself is created with pelican and based on the mnmlist theme.

I know there will be a lot of grammar and spelling errors on this site. I apologize for this, because I know some people feel really insulted by such mistakes. The errors do not come from my laziness. I just can not do any better most of the time, even in mother language German. Nevertheless please contact me if you find some errors.